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Damp Issues

How do damp problems occur?

Damp problems occur when water permeates through a structure, through building failure. It will also condense on these colder surfaces and can cause costly irreparable property damage through lack of ventilation (moisture management)


Cold surfaces attract condensation when warmer, moist air comes into contact with them; this occurs with cold windows in the wintertime, and in the summertime when warmer air comes in contact with cold ducts and pipes. From daily living moisture generally gravitates downwards into a building’s lower levels, and because it has nowhere to go it will stagnate and saturate the structure.

Penetrating Damp (INGRESS)

Penetrating damp can be caused by structural problems such as * deficient guttering or roofing, or cracks in the walls causing the walls * or to repeatedly be soaked * . It can also be caused by internal leaks, such as from pipes under the sink or bath, as well as from damp basements and crawlspace problems. Want to know more? Contact us here.

Sympathetic Damp Solutions are unique because we can deal with all types of building failure and all types of ventilation issues with our vast knowledge and experience in solving all damp issues (see the Services we offer for more details.) Our specialists are reliable, polite and trustworthy, utilising reassuring materials and techniques. Our ventilation methods for homes and buildings mean long-term solutions via building conservation.

Environmental agencies, medical advisors and home improvement experts agree that unventilated homes pose serious long and short-term health risks and can cause costly maintenance issues and building damage. Additionally, they cited that unventilated homes absorb and retain dangerous pollutants and gases, creating unnecessary negative living conditions.

With our Positive Input Ventilation units (PIV), homeowners go from helpless to proactive in their fight against damp; protecting their homes and families while enjoying the maintenance free, energy saving, year-round benefits for about £30 a year


Building Failure



wall with building failure
white wall with damp issues shown down the corner
exterior brick wall with damp damage

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Sympathetic Damp Solutions’ Damp Survey and a site visit by qualified experts will diagnose damp and find a solution to property care. All our PIV units are low cost, energy-efficient and powered to cure damp, not cover over it, and without leaving a carbon foot print.


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