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Trying to figure out if a Positive Input Ventilation system is right for you? Click the tabs below to see the answers to frequently asked questions and put to rest any concerns.

What are the running costs of a PIV unit?

Across all models, our PIV systems cost an approximate average of just £15 per year to run.

How intrusive is the unit?

The unit is either fitted in the loft in multi-storey buildings, or hidden out of sight in a corner or cupboard for smaller buildings, such as flats or bungalows.

Does the unit make much noise?

The units run very quietly thanks to low watt D.C. motor technology

How large are the units?

The unit size depends on the size of the building it needs to service. The smallest PIV unit is shoebox sized.

Will you need to install ducting throughout my home/building?

Absolutely not. The units work through one outlet in the centre of your property; it doesn’t have to be piped to individual rooms.

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Sympathetic Damp Solutions’ Damp Survey and a site visit by qualified experts will diagnose damp and find a solution to property care. All our PIV units are low cost, energy-efficient and powered to cure damp, not cover over it, and without leaving a carbon foot print.


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