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damp ingress

Keep damp from entering your home

Repair of structural damage caused by damp ingress is essential to building rehabilitation. Masonry repair or restoration presents a way to maintain the architectural aesthetics and ambience of the structure.

How can Masonry Repair help?

Masonry repairs to fix damp ingress in a building can considerably increase the durability of affected structures. SDS expert masonry repairs specialise in sympathetic repair and restoration of brickwork and stone to cure damp ingress. We use only traditional proven techniques and materials in our rehabilitation of masonry, repairing damp ingress in most cases. As natural materials like stone, wood and lime mortars deteriorate it leads to water entry. Dampness, salt deposits, biological growths like plants, pollution, etc. all accelerate the process of deterioration.

Usually, by the time damp ingress is visually observed a lot of damage has already occurred to the structure. So, it’s essential that the first step in treating damp ingress should be professional diagnosis with SDS so we can proceed to solve the problem. Once the causes of the damp ingress are successfully determined, the restoration process can easily proceed by treating the key problems with our masonry repair techniques.

Results of damp ingress

Along with temperature fluctuations and humidity, damp ingress promotes the growth of mold, fungi, and mites. By assessing the damp damage and taking our masonry repair measures, the problems are wholly addressed and further building conservation is secured for the future. To fix the damp ingress and restore the structure to its formal glory, SDS masonry repairs will blend thoroughly with the original architecture, thus enhancing the aesthetics of the structure as well. Our commitment to building conservation through repairing damp is key in our building preservation.

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