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Keep condensation from building up in your home

If you see condensation happening too much, it’s a sign that there’s excess indoor humidity. PIV units can cure condensation and damp related problems for good.

So, what is Positive Input Ventilation?

PIV is a technology that monitors and adjusts the humidity in your home, business or other property, taking in dryer air from outside to mitigate the moisture in the air in your building. Overly moist air leads to condensation, and condensation is one of the largest causes of damp issues; by cycling this air out you can not only keep your house damp-free but also ensure the air is always fresh!

Whole home damp solution

Whether yours is a new build or a property with years of history to conserve, SDS provides an economical alternative to costly dehumidifiers.

Positive Input Ventilation is a sophisticated whole home ventilation solution for damp repair; it combats condensation, mould, humidity and harmful household contaminants that can lead to respiratory problems.
Sympathetic Damp Solutions repairs damp because we use the only methods that work. We provide quality and detailed work with A+ Customer service. Our ongoing commitment to curing damp, mould and other penetrative damp problems is further strengthened by our constant education to keep at the very top of our field.

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Sympathetic Damp Solutions’ Damp Survey and a site visit by qualified experts will diagnose damp and find a solution to property care. All our PIV units are low cost, energy-efficient and powered to cure damp, not cover over it, and without leaving a carbon foot print.


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