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Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

Effective cavity wall insulation removal

Unlike a lot of companies, Sympathetic Damp Solutions Ltd. only removes insulation and does not promote the installation of cavity wall insulation.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation Removal?

Far too often we see that cavity wall installers do not recognize or report to home owners that walls that are regularly exposed to wind-driven rain should not have cavity wall insulation fitted.

Consumer magazine which conducted an undercover investigation to ascertain whether cavity wall insulation is being installed appropriately for consumers. They invited eight companies to give a quotation on a property which had been assessed independently as not being suitable for cavity wall insulation, to install cavity wall insulation. All eight companies said the property was suitable for cavity wall insulation and quoted prices for the work.

The removal solution that works

Damp could occur in properties as a result of cavity-wall insulation if there is a combination of these factors:

  • Your home is exposed to severe levels of wind-driven rain (zones three or four in our map below)*
  • Your home is located in an unsheltered position, e.g. not protected by trees or other buildings
  • The external walls are poorly built or maintained with, for example, cracks in the brickwork or rendering

If you are getting damp coming in on walls that have had cavity wall insulation, then there may be a simple cost efficient cure – having a professionals diagnosis can save you thousands of pounds and prevent damage to your property – call SDS professional diagnosis, we cure all types of damp!

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